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Ulfhednar Morale Coins

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Our latest coins is 40mm and made from brass, with a handmade leather wallet for storage made by myself in our Yorkshire workshop. they add a touch of class to your pocket lint covered EDC rotation and are a great talking piece. 
This one has the Ulfhednar warrior image tattood in to it. They were a group of Viking warriors who originated from ancient Norse religious rites. The Ulfhednar wore wolf skins, and their own skin was black-died.
The old Norse Quote "Where there are wolf's ears, wolf's teeth are never" on the opposite side only goes to reinforce the need to be hold your tongue incase of the enemy here your plans. 
These howling psychopaths were so wolf-like in behavior and ferocity that they influenced later European Werewolf folklore. Unlike Beserkers, these warriors wielded no shields. They eventually merged with the berserkers in name, yet continued to prefer their own methods.


Like the berserkers (bear warriors), the ulfhednar performed chants and ritual prior to battle to get in a "Berserker Rage", when, through adrenaline (or drugs like magic mushrooms) they became much stronger and faster, became immune to pain, and bled less.

Around the rim of the coin there is old Norse/Viking "Furthark" text which spells out York Knife. 



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All of our knives are made by hand and as such none are perfect, if you look hard enough and study the knife intently, you may find the odd light scratch or blemish picked up in the making process. We call this character and it's what makes your knife yours, it will in fact pick up much worse over a short period of time through normal use and begin to tell its own story.


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