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Forged with Passion

With the encouragement of friends, family and colleagues who were taken with what I was trying to achieve, I set about learning how to craft each piece of the puzzle needed to make bespoke and small batches of knives. Designed to be tough, made from durable materials and with the sole intention to make life easier for the user, whether that be bushcrafting, camping, hiking or in hostile environments.

What began with making knives in my garage for fun to share with friends, quickly picked up pace, and I now have a dedicated workshop where I create knives and experiment with all the elements involved in making a knife, trying out new heat treatments and testing the results to destruction. 

Made in Yorkshire

Originally from the Viking city of York I've always been  fascinated by the Norse explorers, traders and warriors, which is why a lot of my design names  take their names and inspiration from this period. Stylistically there are a few queues to the type of knives they used to carry, namely the Seax. This is something I hope to transfer to hatchet and hawk designs.

The Journey

Coming up with new designs is an all consuming part of being a maker but currently I'm focusing on bushcraft and survival patterns, but I will be looking to make small runs of knives to take into battle for service men and women along with a small hatchet/tomahawk for use around camp. 

There is a great difference in what men are born into this world for, and what they become known for.

- The saga of the people of Kjalarnes. c.7

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My Instagram following has always enjoyed my designs, which has helped drive requests for custom work almost daily, you can check me out on Instagram and Facebook to see my designs and works come to life, simply click the icons at the top of each page.

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