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Huntsman AEBL Gralloching Knife

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The Huntsman is one of our gralloching knives, long enough with just over 4" cutting edge to get in deep, and light enough to be agile in the hand.

The sabre grind comes razor sharp as you'd expect and the use of a sabre grind keeps a lot of strength and robustness in the spine.

The steel is AEBL stainless, regarded highly for the fine grain structure which was developed originally for razor blade manufacturing. As you would expect for a steel developed for razor blades it takes a great edge and holds it well, as a bonus it has great toughness and ease of sharpening (for a stainless). AEBL is one of our most popular steels both in the UK and USA, it simply ticks all the boxes. 

We've laser tattooed the Norse quote "No lamb for the lazy wolf" which we just think feels is right on a hunting knife. 

Weve fitted this Huntsman with a hardweaeing piece of pine green coloured Micarta band hunters orange liners, held on with flared brass tubes and of course epoxy to complete this package we've created a utilitarian kydex sheath that's easily washable with positive firm fit to ensure the knife won't leave it's sheath as you're dragging yourself through the woodlands . 


  • 3mm AEBL stainless steel 
  • 60 rockwell 
  • Sabre grind
  • Micarta scales
  • Brass flared fittings
  • Kydex sheath
  • Cutting edge 4.2"



We currently ship knives via UPS with a proof of age signature upon delivery to comply with current legislation, you’re parcel is also tracked with this service. All other products will be sent via the appropriate shipper, don't worry, this means one we trust and can rely on.



Once the knife is bought we complete with a quick I.D check to confirm you are over 18 years old, to keep us legal with the current laws around the sale of knives over the internet.


Our knives come with a common sense guarantee, covering craftsmanship and materials. This does not cover abuse or general wear and tear, for example, over time knives get dull and need basic sharpening and maintenance, carbon steel knives can pick up patina or rust if put away wet, left in damp atmospheres or generally neglected.

All of our knives are made by hand and as such none are perfect, if you look hard enough and study the knife intently, you may find the odd light scratch or blemish picked up in the making process. We call this character and it's what makes your knife yours, it will in fact pick up much worse over a short period of time through normal use and begin to tell its own story.


If your goods are damaged, faulty, ordered while drunk or simply not up to your expectation upon receipt, you must notify us within seven days so we can arrange a replacement, repair or refund. You can contact us through the form on this website as well as the socials via DM. We are passionate about our knives and believe in talking to our customers, if you are not happy with your York Knife simply drop us a line and we will do our best to satisfy you.

All goods for refund must be returned in an unused condition, well packaged and sent using an insured trackable postage method with a copy of the relevant receipt. Return postage will not be refunded if the goods are not faulty.

If items sent back for a refund have been used we reserve the right to decline the return.

Custom knives are excluded from being returned for obvious reasons, these are knives that have been spec'd to your wishes and may include your choice of handle materials, liners, and custom etching work on the metal or sheath.

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